Styles of the Month for November

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We’ll be back at Lakeland Brewing Company on November 28th at 3pm. It’s smoked beer month (22A. Classic Rauchbier, 22B. Other Smoked Beer), so it should be interesting.

2015 Brewfest Results

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The 2015 Brewfest was bigger and better than ever. In our first three events we’ve raised $5000 in total. This year for Habitat for Humanity we’ve raised over $4000! The event was amazing and was made possible by all the… Continue Reading →

Beer Quote

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Every loaf of bread is a tragic story of grains that could've become beer, but didn't
Walter Thornburgh

2015 Brewfest Sponsors

We want to thank our generous 2015 Brewfest sponsors for making this event possible and for showing their commitment to helping our communities.      

Competition Results for Commander SAAZ 2015

The results are in from the 2015 Commander SAAZ competition and we have some medal winners in the Lakeland Brewers Guild.

2015 Brewfest —Drink beer, build a house!

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