Simcoe hops

Hop Stand Pale Ale by Ken Grabel

Receipt type: Extract

A hop stand is an extended steep of hops after the boil. It usually involves a whirlpool and takes about 80 minutes to complete after the boil is finished. This will extract bitterness on top of a ton of hop flavor and aroma. The experiment that I did took the hop stand technique to the limit.  I had no hops in the boil and relied solely on the hop stand to get its bitterness. Here is the recipe:

5 gallon batch –

Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale


6.25 lbs. Light Dry Malt Extract

1 lb. Crystal – 40



Boil without hops for 15 minutes.

2.5 oz Simcoe @ end of boil and beginning of hop stand (80 minutes total)

2.5 oz Simcoe @ 30 minutes into hop stand (50minutes total)

2.5 oz Simcoe – Dry Hop for 7 days


Estimated OG: 1.056

To emulate the whirlpool that the professionals do, swirl up the wort every 10 minutes during the hop stand. Also note that the goal is to have the temperature around 170 degrees F for the second addition of the hop stand.