The 2015 Brewfest was bigger and better than ever. In our first three events we’ve raised $5000 in total. This year for Habitat for Humanity we’ve raised over $4000! The event was amazing and was made possible by all the hard work from our volunteers and the generous contributions of our sponsors. Hope to see you all next year!

Best Beer winners:
Due to the super duper scientific method of voting we had at our event, we got all kinds of crazy votes! Here are the compiled winners:
Check out the responses (as closely copied as I could): Responses Here
Best Beer:
Third place (Tie):
British SMASH – Dave Leslie
Red Ale – Steve Pinkett & Patrick Murphy
Amber Ale – Pat McGroyn
Hop Zombie – Nick Wozniak
Smoked Scotch – Brian and Chris Peterson
Dunkelweisse – Nick Wozniak
Second place (Tie):
ESB – Brian & Chris Peterson
Peppermint Stout – Chris & Brandi Goller
German SMASH – Dave Leslie
Black IPA – Garrick Johnson
First place: Netflix & Chill – Dan Thumberg

Best Brewer:
Third Place: Nick Wozniak & Ashley Wilson
Second Place: Dan Thumberg
First Place (By over double anyone else): Brian and Chris Peterson


Cheers! ~Nick