Do you think you have what it takes to make good beer in a Mr Beer kit? Here’s the deal, if you currently brew using Mr Beer, Great!!! you should have everything you need. If you are an AG or extract brewer get yourself a Mr beer kit and brew up a couple gallons. Winner will receive a major award! Just fill out the form below to accept the challenge. 

Submission Dates: (tentative date is in February)
Competition Date:  (tentative date is in February)


• 2 entries per brewer
• Brew a Mr beer kit sized batch up to 2 gallons
• You MUST use the entire “Mr Beer” base recipe kit.
• You MUST use Mr Beer Fermenter.
• You can add steeping grains, additional hops, yeast, fruit, Cheetos or sugars if you choose.
• Any beer style will be accepted, but must follow the (BJCP) Beer Judge Certification Program style guidelines.
• We encourage you to use a sanitizing solution other than what’s included in the kit.
• All entries must include three full bottles of product for judging.

• This will be a best of show type competition with one Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

This competition success depends heavily on the honor system—remember, the Brewmanati are always watching!

Just fill out the form to accept the challenge. 

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