Ken’s Hop Stand Pale Ale

Hop Stand Pale Ale by Ken Grabel Receipt type: Extract A hop stand is an extended steep of hops after the boil. It usually involves a whirlpool and takes about 80 minutes to complete after the boil is finished. This… Continue Reading →

Red Hop Summer

Red Hop Summer by Dave Timmer The intention being to imitate, but not clone, Hop Head Red or Tocobaga. Recipe type: Extract Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale Batch size: 5 gallon OG: 1.065   FG:1.016 ABV 6.4% Fermentables: 7 lb. Golden Light DME… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Anchor Porter Clone—Partial Mash

Beer Style: porter, Anchor Porter Recipe Type: partial mash Description: I made a porter last year that was loosely based on Miller’s partial mash Ingredients: 4 lb British pale ale 2-row malt 1 lb black patent malt 1/2 lb dark… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Amarillo IPA—Partial Mash

Beer Style: India Pale Ale Recipe Type: partial mash Description: golden brown color with a strong floral and citrus hop aroma and a very tangy-sweet grapefruit bitterness that blends well with a month of conditioning. Refreshing. The combo of rice… Continue Reading →

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