Once you have your signature style, start entering it into local competitions, and continue improving it while you wait for feedback. Remember, winning isn’t about the prize — it’s about the journey to making better beer.

Coconut Cup
Miami, FL
Entry Dates: Jan-7 Feb-1

Hurricane Blowoff
Palm Beach, FL
Entry Dates: Feb-25 Mar-29

National Homebrew Competition
Entry Dates: Feb-15 Mar-1

Hogtown Brew-Off
Gainesville, FL
Entry Dates:March- March

Sunshine Challenge
Orlando, FL
Entry Dates: Apr-16 May-19

First Coast Cup
Jacksonville, FL
Entry Dates: June-10 July-3

Commander SAAZ
Cocoa Beach, FL
Entry Dates: Jul-Aug

Best Florida Beer
Tampa, FL
Entry Dates: Aug-26 Sep-25

For a full list of competitions follow this link http://www.floridahomebrew.org/