10608376_731087220274279_6732588994835178590_oWelcome to the official website of the Lakeland Brewers Guild. Guests of the site will find plenty of information here about the art and craft of homebrewing and also local and regional beer-oriented events. If you’re interested in brewing your own beer and live in the Central Florida area, we’d like to extend an invitation to join us for one of our monthly club meeting and see what we’re all about.

LBG provides the perfect opportunity and environment for homebrew enthusiasts of all levels to meet, socialize, compete and discuss the fine points of homebrewing. The club promotes homebrewing education and camaraderie among adult beverage connoisseurs..We are always looking for new members. If you are interested in learning how to brew your own beer or if you already brew, click the button below to join.  Also ‘Like’ our facebook page to keep in touch!

Lakeland Brewers Guild is a homebrewing club with a membership based in Lakeland Florida that was formed in February 2010. Our main goals are to promote homebrewing and brewing better beer and to have fun while doing it. If you would like to be a guest at our next meeting to see what we are all about, drop us an email