So you want to learn how to brew beer or make mead or cider at home? A Home brewing club is a great place to start. Education is one of the biggest advantages of joining a brew club. Nothing will improve your skills like spending time with other home brewers. Clubs are full of experienced people who are happy to share their knowledge, give you good constructive criticism of your beer, and help you understand more about the process of brewing.

Like any kind of hobbyist group, brew clubs connect you with a bunch of people who share your interest. The truth is that you can only bore your non-brewer friends for so long before they get tired of drinking with you.

As if all that was not enough to start home brewing, how about some health benefits? Home Brewed Beer Reduces Hangovers – Home brewed beer contains a large quantity of yeast and Vitamin B. Vitamin B reduces the effects of a hangover naturally. Commercial beers are filtered and pasteurized, both of which strip the vitamin B from the beer and lead to hangovers. The mental health benefits of brewing beer can be easily overlooked. Once you get a hang of brewing, it becomes therapeutic. Similar to cooking you can get lost in the moment and forget all your other worries.

I know that brewing might sound too difficult but if you can cook and clean, you can be a home brewer. if you live in the Central Florida area, we’d like to extend an invitation to join us for one of our monthly club meetings and see what we’re all about.